Producent Doner Kebap

Wholesale Istanbul. Manufacturer doner kebap not only offers its products kebap, but also a wide range of other products such as sauces, baked goods, frozen food, packaging, equipment and accessories. The highest quality at a reasonable price. Our company offers a wide range of food products, which are sourced from reputable manufacturers and suppliers. In terms of freshness, quality and safety of Istanbul sets high standards. Our offer is addressed to wholesale and retail customers. All product prices are net prices and do not include VAT.

The original recipe of spices in simplicity combined with high-quality meat makes us stand out from competing products.

New products without phosphates - This BRAND NEW "NEW PRODUCTS"! Our motto: "Healthy and tasty" because our products kebap with beef and poultry are of the highest quality, guaranteed by the consistent performance of the product.

Start working today.