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Toaster MG-3 MELTEM

Toaster MG-3 MELTEM

Radiants are made of the highest quality.
Made of stainless steel AISI 304
Works with natural gas or LPG.
Gas valves used in the system security.
Engine mounting:
- Motor 1 cycle / min to the right or to the left, controlled.
Air-cooled heat shield protected.
1 protection of cables thermocouples were made of Cr-Ni stainless steel AISI 310 S and the long-term.
Designed for the small volume of space
Uses less gas.
Designed for tight spaces.

Model   MC-3 MC-4 MC-5
A Genişlik mm 460 460 460
B Derinlik mm 550 550 550
C Yükseklik mm 880 1000 1120
D Etin maks. yüksek. mm 360 480 600
Etin maks. ağır. Kg 20 30 50
Gaz Girişi Inch 1/2
Elektrik Girişi V 1N PE 230V AC 50-60Hz
Radyan Tipi   MELTEM R-6
Isıtıcı Adet 3 4 5
Net Ağırlık Kg 26 29 3

A device made from sheet steel - provides a compact and rigid and no deformation due to heat output.
Three separately adjustable burners.
Adjustable load of meat - the distance from the burner.

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